Life…such a little thing.

Came from my native land, Armenia, I started the music composition with sound chip technology: C=64, ZX Spectrum, Oric Atmos & Amstrad stuff were surrounding my youth.Then around 1983, I received an Atari 520ST and extend my knowledge with the MIDI and the first Cubase, ST Replay sampling cartridge and a few old school synthesizer such as Yamaha DX7, Roland D50…MODules came just a few years, in 1985 with a Commodore Amiga 500, in addition of the MIDI commonly used in the demo-scene.The taste of mixing appeared in 1987 when I was watching a famous old school house deejay/producer performing in an illegal electronic party in a lost warehouse. He noticed I was watching him and propose a short course of mix.

After this experience, I started to buy two basic turntables without pitch, modified them to have the possibility of changing speed and a bunch of vinyls. I tried to mix on every event I could and when the first amount of money came, I upgraded my hardware.

Creating music, computering, video games and mixing were my mains occupations until 1992: with a little bag of vinyls, I went to London to taste the real parties.

I had the chance to play at the warm-ups of some famous clubs in the UK and when I had enough time and experience, I came back and shortly participated in a french electronic radio station.

I think 1993 was the year I met someone who is until now my best friend: R3pl4y.
Thanks to him and his friends, I really discovered the demo-scene and for the first time, my tracks were released and played on coding parties called Volcanic Party.

Unfortunately because of a massive hard drive crash, a huge part of my creations (chiptunes, MIDs and MODs) died but I had enough computer skills to recover some of them. Whatever.

In 1997, I met a young deejay and if I had distrust him, my life would probably not end like now. This guy who was working in a french radio as a journalist told me the opportunity to work in this radio with him on a future radio show. I accepted and we started this experience. I was mixing every Fridays & Saturdays night in live condition on the first radio station the most heard in France.

Celebrity came to us quickly so I decided to take the opportunity to launch a music with him. I did a funky house track called BodyFlow and he found the producer. I was so happy to meet this scene full of artists and DJs and sympathize with this fantastic world.

One year later, when the show was blasting the broadcasting scores, my career suddenly crushed (of course I cant write who did this) and I was directly removed from the show business.

Then, I worked with Stan Courtois, a nice housy guy with a lot of experience and we made a bunch of house tracks such as Floor and Deescontamination.

How many times I tried to come back but the bad was already done.
I continued to see a few people who still trusted me and did a bunch of dj sessions around the globe.

Back from my origin, the video games industry welcomed me back.

Until now, I didnt leave music and I am still ready to offer my energy and good vibrations trough my sounds and waves.


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